This thread is similar to one I have just read on digital replay – reality or epiphany or something like that – very interesting.

Just recently, I have been reading heated debates as to does a CD transport matter that much – the DAC is of overriding importance. Surely not? Of course, this all fits in with the ideas/debates of using a computer as source.

So to test the theory, I went out and bought the cheapest CD/DVD player I could find that had a digital output – £15 from Asda (£15 for a CD/DVD player – I ask you!). I then tried it through my acclaimed Beresford DAC versus the modified Arcam Alpha 5 transport I am using (same transport as used in some Naim CDPs I believe). Can I tell a difference in sound quality – I am trying, but I can’t so far. Is it my ears? Anyone else tried this?”


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