Sansui G-9000Ahhh…the beautiful look of the late 70′s Sansui receivers.  The warm golden glow from the dial and meter lights and the smorgasbord of buttons, knobs, and switches below. It’s a stereo lovers delight. The best Sansui I ever had was the G-8000.  Here we have the Sansui G-9000. There was also a G-9000DB with only a minor difference that I’ll get into in a moment.   The G-9000 put out a massive 160 watts per channel and it was one of the more popular choices for military men overseas in the 70′s. It retailed for around $1000.00 but was discounted at some of the miltary exchanges. It is known for good clean power and you’ll be hard pressed to find any G-9000 owner that does not love the unit.


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