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The thread starts as follows: I am in searching process for buying one. My tt is very near to one of my speakers. I do not feel any disturbance in sound bit i like the idea of isolating my tt, any interference, and i think i will see benefits of this(dont ask why :) )  I found a lots of brands, lots of models, lots of diy ideas. Symposium, vibraplane, acoustic revive, hrs, sra, townshed many brand, many platforms.  I really like to know whoch one you are using and what benefits you have earned for your beloved turntable.

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  1. First of all the need for an isolation platform is in relation to the type of house and the nation you live in. There are houses where floors are made of concrete(no or little sway/rock), other where they are made of wood (more sway/rock) . If you live in a detached or semi-detached house and your system is on the ground floor you probably don’t need one unless your house is in a very trafficated area or near a railway or if you have a mad neighbour who jumps up and down all day. If you live in a building/block of flats you need one.
    Acoustic feedback propagate mainly on floors and much less on walls. The best isolation platform is therefore one that can be hanged on the wall like the REGA wall turntable shelf but if you are good with hands you can make your own one with an hard wood slab (or better still marble)supported by two long metal brackets.
    The detectable result will be a sharper sound and clearer details.
    Good luck.

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