First, a disclaimer.

None of us here at OLC buy or sell bootlegs. Thus what follows here is for your information only. We don’t know any retailers for this stuff and we can’t vouch for the quality either. Consequently we can’t answer any questions. All we can tell you is that they are out there – somewhere – apparently.

Thank you. Neil McCauley / OLC Editor


Bob Dylan                                                            2013-11-16. sur-Alzette, LUX.  2CD  VG++

Bob Dylan                                                            RAH LONDON  2013-11-28 EBR  2CD  VG++

Bob Dylan                                                            Rehearsal For MTV Unplugged 1994   CD  SBD

Bob Dylan                                                            Roar Of a Wave RADIO 1961-63   2CD

Bob Dylan                                                            Toads Place  CT  1990    2CD  Vol.2

Bob Dylan                                                           1988-09-03 Manchester,NH Riverfront Park   2CD  VG++

Bob Dylan -                                                          Blackpool 22-11-2013  2CD  VG++

Bob Dylan -                                                          Blackpool 23-11-2013   2CD   VG++

Bob Dylan -                                                          Blackpool 24-11-2013   2CD  VG++

Bob Dylan                                                           Completely Unplugged  1994  SBD  2cd

Bob Dylan -                                                          Glasgow 2013-11-18   2CD  VG++

Bob Dylan -                                                          Glasgow 2013-11-20   2CD  VG++

Bob Dylan                                                           RAH LONDON 2013-11-27  2CD  VG++

Bob Dylan -                                                          The Rundown Reheasal Tapes (4CD) [White Bear 2002]

Bob Dylan -                                                         RAH London  2013-11-28   2CD   VG++

BOB DYLAN                                                        RAH LONDON 2013-11-26-km140- 2CD  VG++

BOB DYLAN                                                        RAH LONDON 28-11-2013  2CD  VG++

Bob Dylan [                                                         1980.04.20] Born Again Music (Toronto, ON) [SBD


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