Dr. Bews’s clear reply prompts me to voice another concern: given the fact that LFD products stand out, not so much by design, but by careful and intensely personal component matching by Dr. Bews, what are LFD customers to do if -God forbid- something should happen to Dr. Bews? I fully intend to be a lifelong LFD-customer, but am scared by the extent to which the company hinges on a single mortal being.

Guest writer Howard Popeck replies as follows:

Steven – you raise a most interesting question. It’s one I asked myself when I embarked on my long journey representing the LFD Audio brand in the UK and supplying and guiding end-users in countries that don’t have an official LFD importer / distributors. As I moved progressively to the global #1 position as Dr. Bews’ most successful retailer then inevitably it became time to ask him the very question you pose. Apart from anything else, with a large number of pieces out there in the field with the majority having my unique 25 years parts and labour warranty there’s a lot of exposure for me. Anyway, the important points for you, I and everyone considering LFD Audio products are these:


As has been well-documented elsewhere, there is nothing particular innovative nor clever regarding a Dr. Bews circuits. These aren’t my words, but his. Thus fault finding on a board is, for a competent engineer, easy.


Given my entire trading history and the large number of LFD owners from other retailers wanting to discuss the brand with me, total reliability currently runs at (for me) at …

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