Volume 7, No 4: October-December 2013
Publication target mid December

  • The Magico S-5 feature review by Martin Colloms
  • Stan’s Safari: the Stan Curtis Quest for Audio Realism Continues
  • Naim Power Amplifiers in perspective by Paul Messenger
  • Raidho D-1 the 1.5 carat diamond composite speaker full test by Martin Colloms
  • Krell KSA50 revisited, 30th anniversary by Martin Colloms
  • MSB Analogue DAC by Chris Bryant
  • Musical Fidelity V90 Phono preamp by Chris Bryant
  • Naim Supernait -2 has it got better? by Martin Colloms
  • Bumper headphone test
    Yamaha , AKG , Sennheiser Jays Audeze B&W, Hi Fi Man by Martin Colloms
  • Musical Fidelity V90 Headphone amplifier
  • Linn LP12 Anniversary by Martin Colloms
  • Axhorn Horns by Paul Messenger
  • Aurender W20 server player by Chris Bryant
  • Jplay computer Audio replay Software by Chris Bryant
  • Epos speaker stands by Paul Messenger
  • Track Audio stands by Paul Messenger
  • John Borwick Interview by Paul Messenger
  • Electromagnetic Interference and Audio by Tony Waldron
    iTube line audio conditioner by Paul Messenger
  • Loudspeaker Design for Rhythm ’n Timing by Martin Colloms
  • Ambinent Part II by Mark Prendergast
  • Classical V Rock requirements by Paul Messenger
  • Van Den Hul interconnect cables by Martin Colloms
  • MOR, Pop, Jazz and Classical record reviews


Subjective Sounds: Paul Messenger

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