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The thread starts as follows: Have been looking for a decent cartridge without spending a lot for quite some time now. I have already tried these:

  1. Denon 103pro – Good tone but lacks resolution and sounds too raw, and lots of surface noise on lesser records
  2. ZYX RS30 – Great dynamics and extension but lacks warmth in the midrange.
  3. Dynavector 17D3 – Good but nothing special. Doesnt have the tone of the Denon or dynamics of the ZYX. Glosses over the micro details many a times.

I listen to music ranging from Rock to Classical so may be my requirements are such that if there is a weakness it stands out with some or the other kind of music. What options do I have ?

  1. 47 Labs MCBee
  2. Shelter 501 MK2
  3. Ortofon Kontrapunkt H or C
  4. Benz Micro Glider or Wood SL
  5. Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood (MM)

My TT is a JC Verdier and tonearm (still experimenting) most probably is either a Basis Vector 4 or Naim ARO. Just expecting accurate tones and good PRAT. Dynamics is also high on my priority list but the top two is Tone and PRAT. I would have loved to add London Decca cartridges to my shortlist but my record collection is a mix of new and used so I am worried my older records may not be listenable enough. Would be nice to get some recommendations here, after all it is going to be a blind buy


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