Hi, I am interested in the Music Fidelity pre-amp and P270-2 class A amp on eBay and wondered if you could advise if it would be suitable upgrade for my system.

Oracle turntable, FR64S tonearm, original Koetsu Gold Onyx cartridge. Nakamichi 1000 ZXL cassette deck with Dolby C and wired remote, speakers JBL 220. My current preamp is a tired trio LO8C with two power amps which are trio LO8M. This system is now too big for current property due to the usual divorce situation but if the amps are suitable as an upgrade and would power the speakers i would either keep it or sell it as a complete package.Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Mr B.

I know your system very well. I owned nearly the identical system, except that I was using JBL L100a Century speakers and a Trio LO7C with 2 x LO7M power amps. I still use those speakers from time to time.

You raise a question which with regret I cannot offer a definitive answer. Certainly the Musical Fidelity P270-2 power amp is the better of the 2 MF items you mention. Rightly or wrongly, I’ve always taken the view that baring a handful of exceptions, MF have always produced finer sounding power amps than preamps. The P-270 Mk2 is no exception. It is very heavy and quite big though. If you bought it, and didn’t like it, the shipping costs might be eye-watering.

Candidly, without hearing your system, I suspect that the Musical Fidelity will give you a sound which is certainly different, but not necessarily better.

Howard Popeck hp@no-alibi.demon.co.uk




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