Thanks for your informative reply.  am encouraged that you’ve had success with a Krell KSP-7B as it’s pretty similar to the KRC-3.

I was, I must admit, happily surprised by this. Having previously in the 1980s been the Krell #1 retailer in the Uk for, I think, 4 years running I’d never been particularly impressed by their preamps; PAM 1 and so on. Anyway more out of curiosity than anything else a few years back I bough a mint condition KSP-7B. Not expecting too much  was astonished at the bass characteristics in terms of speed, weight, articulation, heft and slam. As best i can recall, not far off the finest I have ever heard which is the vintage and at today’s prices ruinously expensive Mark Levinson ML6a twin mono pre.

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