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LFD Audio – the designer’s musical tastes

Dr. Bews. What are your preferred musical tastes?

In a word, varied. It has to be like that or I’ll be in danger of biasing the sound of LFD products to suit one type of music. I normally use:
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A candid interview with Amando Fontana of TecSArt; an audiophile company of some repute in mainland Europe and probably unknown in the UK


Editor’s note: Howard discovered and we thought that instead of our usual approach of sending a set of questions and then printing those with the answers, we’d do it a bit differently this time. I asked Howard to write to them with an invitation to write up to 1,000 words on the French audiophile market. We have printed below what we received. We hope you’ll enjoy the read. Thank you

Neil McCauley / OLC Editor in chief


Europe and France in particular is assisting to the decline of HiFi market, today reduced to a niche. Just two years ago there were 5 paper magazines dedicated to real HiFi, plus a number of others talking of music and quality reproduction. Today the number is reduced to 2.  Same tendency for dealers. For sure the global crisis hits this market too, but we should look for the causes somewhere else.

We are in the middle of a small revolution, but it seems that professionals are not ready to cope with the changes and everybody blames everything. MP3, new formats every 6 months, internet, class D, …

In my perspective the world is changing, each purchase is now seen as investment, demonstration is that real value brands can still find their space and keep growing. The customer is now a lot more exigent, in terms of performance, look and price. Our small and old minded HiEnd world is too slow to cope with the new technologies that in reality are just opportunities if considered as a technical and distribution challenge.

As actor in this market, I take particularly care in choosing the brands to represent in France. The

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