Currently, other than on this site, there’s no published data about how on a monthly basis via eBay the success of sellers can be measured for sellers of audiophile products. Or put differently, if ‘x’ is the number of items from a brand (say, Audio Research} on eBay in any 28 day period, then what percentage of sellers manage to sell their items?

So we set out to compile this data. Currently we don’t distinguish between private sellers and dealers. We will do in due course.

To make this analysis as sensible as we can we exclude all items under £100.  Thus a lot of (say) instruction manuals, or bulbs or whatever which without this precaution could and would slew the accuracy somewhat are omitted.

Interestingly there is a variance between the success rate of European Union sellers compared to the entire eBay marketplace (which includes the EU sellers). We have no idea why – yet.

So … can any sensible conclusion be drawn from this?

We think so. First, it’s both a truism and a cliché that ‘“anything will sell if the price is right”. Quite so. Thus, and of course the following is for illustrative purposes, a fully working Krell KSA 80 would sell for a fixed price of £95 but clearly not for £9,500. So arguably the probability of one selling an item (assuming of course there is an ‘audience’ of potential buyers within those 28 days for both that brand and that model} is in direct relation to the price it’s offered. No surprises there then. However …,

One can get an insight into the thinking behind the sellers of models within a brand – and crucially how that varies on a month by month basis.

So as you’ll see in the first of the series it might sensibly be argued that Audio Research sellers for the 28 day period ending Sunday, 13 January 2013 are more unrealistic or if you prefer over-ambitious than the entire global seller offerings. Here is the data.


  • 41 Audio Research items over £100 were offered for sale on eBay
  • 13 were sold
  • 28 were not
  • Unsold as a percentage of the total offered is 68.3%. Meanwhile …


  • 25 Audio Research items over £100 were offered for sale on eBay.
  • 4 were sold
  • 21 were not
  • Unsold as a percentage of the total offered is 84.0%.

Epilogue / conclusion

Well, the first that springs to mind is that irrespective of the geographic location, current (and via eBay) Audio Research sellers just aren’t being realistic about the prices they want and what the market is currently prepared to pay.

Howard Popeck