Free, FREE, free, and FREE …..

Overview and offer:

OLC will print (usually in full and with images) press releases from:

  • ANY upscale audio MAKER
  • ANY independent AUDIO RETAILER
  • ANY independent MUSIC RETAILER


None. We do this entirely free of charge.

Global reach:

Our global audience now exceeds 10k+ per month.

Link back

We publish your contact details including a hyperlink back to your site.


We prefer to receive in MS Word as a .doc document. Thank you.


From a maker and/or retailer we provide one slot per month – every month.


  1. We’re on a mission to try and reverse the decline of our industry. Simple as that really.
  2. All the staff here are part-time and give their expertise free of charge. We have no overheads.
  3. Magazines embargo press releases from retailers. No point in finding out why and so we decided to do something about it.

How to make use of this offer

Just email your release either in .PDF of word.doc format to


Excluding weekends, we can usually have your release posted here within 24 hours of us receiving it. Can any paper-based magazine do this? Of course not.

In exchange?

Not money. We aren’t chasing money. All we ask is that somewhere on your site you place the following text and link.

OLC is a not-for-profit Endeavour. Their objective is to try and SLOW DOWN THE DECLINE IN INTEREST in music beautifully reproduced when confronting the tidal wave of those who value the portability of MP3 over sonic excellence. Frankly, it is a tough challenge. Sometimes they’re are successful.


Thank you

Neil McCauley

OLC editor