5 facts:

  1. Our interviews are regularly the most popular posts on the site with an average daily click-through rate of 5.7%
  2. As you can see from the .pdf below, we are currently global #1 in the Google rankings for ‘Audio Mags’
  3. We are editorial only.
  4. We don’t charge any fees
  5. There is no advertising.

In October 2013 we started a series of interviews with the working title ‘springboard‘. That because we are that’s what we are offering audio makers who we feel:

  1. Have something that is both unusual and interesting to offer
  2. Could benefit from free and effective global exposure.


Our motivation is the firm belief that the audiophile industry decline can be slowed and in some instances stopped through fresh blood being brought to the buying public’s attention. This is being in direct contradiction of the complacency and drought of fresh thinking on the part of some of the ‘big guys’ i.e the established players. Are you with us so far?

So – here’s what’s on offer – and it is time-limited

We invite you to consider if you would like to be interviewed by email by me. A typical Q&A conversation can be seen here > http://ourlistenersclub.com/tag/audio-designers/

The questions vary of course based on the market sector that your organisation is targeting and of course a link to your site is provided.

What next?

Just email me hp@no-alibi.demon.co.uk saying in the subject line ‘Yes, please interview us’. Please include your URL and contact details of your organisation’s spokesperson. That’s it.

Thank you

Kind regards

Howard Popeck

OLC contributing editor