The back story – as of mid 2012

A lady I know, Sharon Melhorn is undergoing chemotherapy currently. Last year I too underwent chemotherapy for a less acute condition than hers. She is an enthusiastic Facebook user while I’m not. She and I share a love of music and recognise not only its soothing and recuperative powers but its ability to pour light into the darkness. Okay so far?

Great. Now then, last year knowing a bit about the challenge ahead (reality was in my case a bit different from the anticipation) I loaded my i-pod with over 1,000 tracks that I felt would, in various combinations, give me a sense of well-being, joy, nostalgia without sentimentality and so on while plugged in to the fluids.

I doubt if I’ll ever know to what extent that music helped me. But help it certainly did. However this first post and the subsequent ones shouldn’t really be about me. It’s about Sharon.


And so on a daily basis I’m going to share my own chemo compilation with her and anyone else that’s interested, via this blog – the one you’re reading right now.

Sharon can be found online at

I should point out that her Facebook posting are very far from “doom ‘n gloom” – because she’s devoid of self-pity.

The compilation is varied. It isn’t all Led Zep. The Who, etc. There’s Mozart, Bach, Tchaikovsky, Suzanne Vega, John Mayall, T-Bone Walker, Kate Bush, Smokey Robinson & the Miracles – and much, much more.

I do not believe that any interaction between humans can be entirely altruistic. In this context the point being that while I’m doing this for Sharon and anyone else in a similarly unfortunate position I am of course deriving considerable pleasure during this diversion. Anyway, for Sharon and the thousands that visit this site every month – enjoy!

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