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Thiel CS7.2 loudspeaker – test review


 Brian Damkroger writes as follows: When I describe the Thiel CS7.2 to friends, the word that gets the biggest reaction is “simple.” Veteran audiophiles protest, noting the big Thiel’s multiple drivers, complex cabinet, and elaborate, zillion-element crossover.…

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Vincent Audio C-60 CD player test review

Should an audio component accurately reproduce the signal it’s fed, or should it evoke the sound and feel of live music? Accuracy or musicality? This question has been at the heart of high-end audio since its inception. Back then, the…

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Audience ClairAudient 2+2 loudspeaker test review

It seems the obvious way to build a loudspeaker: one driver, no crossover, full range.

Instead, most speakers work this way: Complicated electronics split the audio signal into pieces, adding various colorations and phase shifts along the way. The pieces…

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