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B&W P3 test review

B&W P3

“So, the P3s are practical, musical and super-stylish. In other words, convincing five-star cans.”



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Ask an expert / STAX reliability

Gentlemen, which era of STAX headphones are more reliable. Old or new?

Howard Popeck writes as follows: First things first, I’ve not been involved in selling STAX equipment for some years and so my comments and observations are based on…

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Howard Popeck wonders; why use good headphones?

Aggravating a dealer or two!

Whether dealers like it or not, there are certain things that headphones can achieve which even the world’s finest stand-alone hifi systems can’t. There’s no magic to this. It’s purely the fact that the driver…

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Really Good Headphones

OLC question mark

The thread starts as follows: “So how far can one go? I’ve had some HD600s for a few years and I now have a very decent headphone amp too (or so I’m told). Since I currently have no access to…

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